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Pros of using Bois mou in your home

Boismou(softwood) come from coniferous trees which grow fast and straight. Theyare cheaper than Bois franc. The different species of softwood are used for making furniture. It is mostly used for outdoor furniture, plancher, sablage and cladding for the building exteriors because it is resistant to external weather conditions. It is stronger and harder than any other wood.

• Bois mou are cheaper than Bois franc: {cost, structure, density, colour}

They are very light in weight and are very cheaper than Bois franc which makes the customer prone to buy it.Besides that, the density of the softwood is usually softer and the colour is almost always light.Its structure is higher sap.


Softwood works more, and it is used in wide applications in sablage, for plancher, for sablage de plancher. Sablage de Plancher Laval provides you with this softwood to get the best workability. It is easier to work with.

For your home:

You can use for your home in building components like windows, doors, furniture, medium density. It is best suitable for your home because these are easier to carve. Your furniture will be light in weight and will resist for longer years. Soft Wood timber is used for the panelling of walls and ceilings. In today's time, this is used as framing in houses because it is affordable, easily available and runs for a longer period.

Boismou for plancher:

It works best for planchers in the house as it is light in weight. Cleaning these is always easy as it is left unaffected by water also. You can wipe with a wet cloth,but it will still maintain its density and colour. Places with heavy winters use this in their house to maintain the warmness of the house despite the cold weather outside.

Sablage de Plancher Laval will offer you boismou repairing and maintenance services that might be of great help to you. Maintain this wood effectively with our services and keep your homes warm this winter.


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